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About Lake Chapala Realtors

Our success is built on relationships
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About Us

Chapala Realtors is one of the top Real Estate Agencies in the Ajijic and Chapala Area. With over a decade of experience we have a great network of clients to facilitate the buying and selling of real estate in Lake Chapala Mexico.
We have established relationships with some of the most influential and successful businesses in the area. Some of these organizations specialize in marketing Mexico and Lake Chapala to all of North America and the World. This greatly increases our ability to put buyers and sellers together, and that’s what real estate is all about!

Buying Real Estate in Ajijic & Chapala

 Knowledge is Power

If you’re new to town, you need to get to know the different neighborhoods, villages, and developments before you can make any decisions.
We are constantly working to know first-hand as many of the homes on the market as possible so that when you tell me what you are looking for I will already have some great homes in mind.
We listen well. If you tell us you want a $250,000 home in a gated community, you won’t be shown a $600,000 estate in the countryside.
We’re always available via phone, skype, and email so that we can work together no matter where you are.
We are fully bilingual — this can be very valuable when finding out more about a property or a neighborhood. Sometimes a one minute conversation with the gardener in Spanish can be more valuable than days of investigative work.
It really is an art. Each real estate transaction is unique and every person has different motivations. If it isn’t a Win-Win situation, it rarely works. We work with all parties to ensure you get the best home at the best price.
We are only as good as our team. We have worked tirelessly to surround ourselves with the most talented people in the area. We work hard to have respect and rapport with fellow realtors and brokers, notarios (notaries), inspectors, contractors and property managers, so that you get the best treatment throughout the whole home buying process.

Selling Real Estate in Ajijic & Chapala

Know the market
We pay attention to the trends and understand the data and statistics that will help you determine a competitive price for listing your home.
You need to know what is going on when your home is on the market. You will be informed regularly of the overall trends, get feedback from agents and their clients when they show the home, and more.
Have a question, comment or concern? We’re always easy to reach via cellphone, at the office, email. Our office is staffed with very helpful, friendly, bilingual, and knowledgeable people who all have a stake in ensuring that any potential buyer or their agent can get all the information they need about your home.

Buyers feel empowered in the current real estate market. You will be empowered too!