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Whenever you pay out cash for wages or contract work, you should obtain a signed receipt or recibo. If ever there is a wage dispute, the emphasis is upon the employer to prove that wages were paid. Mexican Labor law leans heavily towards protecting the employee, which is refreshing to see, but you also need to protect yourself. If you have a property manager or someone who handles payroll, ensure they have signed receipts filed for future reference.

You can buy a receipt book from any stationery store or papelería. As long as it accounts for the date paid, the amount, employee name, work completed and a place for a signature, you’re covered.

We have created a generic recibo in both Spanish and English for your use.  It is designed for part-time staff or contractors paid bi-weekly, weekly, daily or hourly. It can be used for extra or overtime hours as well. We have also accounted for the address where the work was completed. There are two receipts per page, one copy for your employee and one for you. 

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